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European Studies, Dept. of GIS

Welcome to the French Stream

B.Soc.Sc. (Hons.) in European Studies is a four-year programme: two years of full-time study in Hong Kong, a third year spent in Europe, followed by a fourth year in full-time study in Hong Kong.

It is located in the Department of Government and International Studies.

Political Science provides the disciplinary core, which is underpinned by history and contemporary area studies. Students also undergo intensive and rigorous training in French up to certified proficiency level prescribed for full-time academic study and/or professional activities in French speaking countries.

The Year III study component in Europe is carefully constructed to meet individual students' interest, predominantly within the range of Social Sciences and Business.

Knowledge of Europe is deepened by the Honours Project, for which students conduct their own research into a particular subject related to Europe.

The very strong linguistic component is combined with content courses based upon social, political and economic realities of the French-speaking world in Europe.

Moreover, together with the experience of living in Europe itself aim at giving students a firm knowledge of the basic features of the European world.

This makes the French stream of the European Studies programme unparalleled in Hong Kong.