Hong Kong Baptist University | Faculty of Social Sciences


Students can choose elective subjects offered by the faculty of Social Sciences.

On the other hand, students can also choose elective subjects during their third year in Europe. Depending on the study location, there is the possibility to build up concentrations in Political Science or related social-science disciplines as well as business-related studies.

One of the (Elective Subjects)Units
EURO 2006 Contemporary European Societies I: The German-Speaking Countries3
EURO 3250 Comparative Politics of Post-Communist Central Europe3
POLS 2007 Introduction to Research Methods3
POLS 1005 Foundations of Political Science3
POLS 2205 European Politics and Society: French Political and Government System3
POLS 2206 European Politics and Society: German Political Systems and Society3
POLS 3207 Government & Politics of the United Kingdom3
POLS 4215 Contemporary Europe & Asia3
POLS 4246 Topics in European Politics3