Guidelines for the Chief Adviser and the Second Examiner

The Chief Advisers will discuss areas of potential specialization with the students before the onset of year III. They will monitor the students' progress during the overseas year by appropriate means.

During the final year, the Chief Advisers are expected to meet their students regularly, either individually or in the form of small group tutorial and to supervise the progress of the studentsī projects throughout the period. The Chief Advisers should leave their students ample scope to demonstrate their ability to work and think independently. The role of the Chief Adviser is

The Chief Adviser will normally be expected to review the introduction, conclusion, and bibliography as well as the organization of content materials of the student project. The Chief Adviser should not copy-edit the entire project for the student prior to its formal submission because the project should be a true reflection of the studentīs ability and performance. The Chief Adviser, however, may read a small portion of the studentīs draft project for stylistic changes or grammatical corrections. This should be decided by the Chief Adviser on the basis of the nature of the project, but normally would not exceed about five pages.

The Chief Adviser alone is responsible for the percentage of the grade assigned to continuous assessment. The grade "YR" will be recorded at the end of the first semester to indicate that the project is a year-long subject. At the end of the second semester the "YR" grade will be changed to whatever grade the students receive for their Honours Projects.

A record of meetings with the students may be useful for future reference and for the preparation of the progress report.

The Second Examiner is not expected to read any portion of the draft project for the student. In the reading of the (completed) project, the Second Examiner is expected to mark the project independently rather than reviewing the marks of the Chief Adviser. The Second Examiner is not a second adviser.

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