The First Step : Find a Topic

The topic of the Honours Project should be within the general area of social sciences with an emphasis on Europe and/or the geographic areas covered in the Course. It can be any topic relevant to either political science (government and international studies), history and/or cultural (area) studies. The Department encourages projects with a focus on pan-European, comparative issues or a focus on Europe/China relations.

The Honours Project gives you the opportunity to do research and creatively compile a report on a topic of your own interest. The topic should be interesting to you, and you should above all bring to the task curiosity and a desire to enlarge your knowledge on a specialized area. The Honours Project lets you study this topic in depth and independent of regular class work. You will formulate your own approach and focus.

With the Project, you demonstrate your knowledge and critical understanding of the field, as well as your research and presentation skills. Your first step, therefore, is to find an area of potential specialization at the end of year II.

You should then discuss this area with members of the European Studies teaching staff, one of whom may eventually become your Chief Adviser for the project. At this point (end of year II), the area of specialization need not be narrowed down to one single specific topic. However, it is essential that you and your Adviser agree on a broad outline, so as to avoid later complications.

You will need to report your finalized topic in September of your final year.  Once you have outlined your area of specialization and discussed it with teaching staff members, the Department of Government and International Studies will assign you a Chief Adviser for the later Honours Project.

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