The Second Step : Collection of Materials

Although you will normally spend year III abroad with studying and working in Europe, your overseas stay is still linked to the overall curriculum of the BSocSC. (Hons) programme back in Hong Kong Baptist University.

You are strongly encouraged to collect relevant material abroad, i.e. during year III studies. 
The Project should be based on up-to-date research rather than rely on library resources in Hong Kong alone. 

One of the assessment criteria of the later Honours Project thesis will be the extent to which you have made use of current material of European provenance, and the extent to which you have made full use of the opportunity to gather data at the source - i.e. on location in Europe. For the Honours Project, you cannot rely solely on your lecturers to provide you with relevant information sources.

While abroad, you will gradually have to narrow down the focus of your specialization. During the data collection phase (year III), you are therefore strongly encouraged to maintain constant contact with your Chief Adviser by E-mail, fax and/or ordinary mail. This contact is particularly crucial if you intend to change your topic or area of specialization.

By January of year III (i.e. halfway through your year in Europe), you are required to send your Chief Adviser an outline of structure and content of the planned final project. By the end of March of year III, you should be able to supply an additional bibliography (i.e. a list of resources you plan to use).

If necessary, your Adviser can order recently published books for you through the HKBU Main Library. 

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