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Self-Access Learning Unit (SALU)

European Studies students have to become fairly proficient in either German or French prior to their study and internship sojourn in Europe (Year III). Exceptionally high levels of fluency in both speaking and reading/writing are required for graduation.

The Department therefore has a Self-Access Learning Unit (SALU) of which students make obligatory use to enhance the process of foreign language acquisition. The self-study component, in addition to regular intensive classroom tuition, is an integral part of German and French Language classes during the first two years of study. Students are also encouraged to use the facilities for area studies purposes and advanced training in Year IV.

The SALU is equipped with networked multimedia PCs, a movie theatre equipped with TV and dedicated student work spaces. There is a constantly expanding collection of specially adapted computer software for language learning and a large collection of CD-ROMs and DVDs for both languages and area studies purposes. The materials are linked to the course syllabi. In consultation with teachers and tutors, students make their own choice of materials on an increasing scale. Ultimately, students should self-direct their language and language-related study according to individual needs or interests.

In addition, the SALU offers French and German reference and language books as well as study material for politics and area studies subjects, including French and German magazines.

* REMARK: SALU serves ONLY the current students of the Bachelor Programme in European Studies, HKBU.

Visit SALU Online Catalogue for French and German self-study resources.