European Area Studies

The Major in European Studies provides courses about European history and contemporary cultural, social, economic and political dimensions of the French- and German-speaking societies of Europe. Political science provides an important disciplinary focus. Students acquire knowledge and skills for the study of politics and society in French or German -Speaking area of Europe. Problems and prospects of European integration are introduced and the European Union is examined in detail. This is complemented by studies on European economic and business life so as to prepare students for future careers.

Year I

EURO1008 Europe : Unity and Diversity (3 units)

EURO1009 Europe : Unity and Diversity (3 units)

Year II

EURO2005 Contemporary European Societies I : The French-Speaking Countries (3 units)

EURO2007 The Political Economy of the European Union (3 units)

POLS2205 European Politics and Society : French Political and Government System (3 units)

Year IV

EURO4005 Current Issues of European Integration (3 units)

EURO4006 European Economic and Business Life : travailler en contexte international (3 units)

EURO4015 Contemporary European Societies II : questions d'actualité (3 units)

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